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Online booklet which describe 13 concrete business plans.

Dear all,

We have now reached a stage to fill the SME pipeline with concrete business proposals from Sierra Leone. If you follow this link It leads you to an online booklet which describes 13 concrete business plans.

They are not perfect yet, but they can be a good starting point for a discussion on their inclusion into a crowdfunding campaign.

Warm greetings,

Alambah Poultry Farm

Company’s name: Alambah
Location Robis Village, Port Loko District
Owner Patteh Bah
Product & Services Paultry

Project fact file

Country: Sierra Leone
Sector: Entrepreneurship opportunities
Type: on-the-ground project
Status: implementation
Start date: 2012
Project owner: Student Enterprises Promotion Service Centre (SEPS-C)
Beneficiary: Youth entrepreneurs
Total cost: 70.000 euro
Current funding by Seva Network Foundation is 16000 euro

Centre for youth Entrepreneurship - Rokel

The program is based on Migration & Development Consultancy’s teaching philosophy and business coaching experience with migrant business owners in The Netherlands. This e-learning program is the online version of the successful Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP), a business coaching program in The Netherlands, developed by MD Consultancy, and supported by the International Organization of Migration.

This course has been prepared in close collaboration with IAMTECH, Freetown. MD Consultancy will work with The Network University (TNU), a Dutch academic foundation with broad experience in e-learning programs for migrants (The Diaspora University).

This projected started in 2008. The available land is 200 hectare and is run by 4 employees. 1000 palm trees have been planted and a warehouse is been construction. Part of the profit is meant to support the existing primary school in Makonkarie. Current needs: looking for a partner to start a joint venture to extend the firm.


Motto: “Power is knowledge”
Doors open in September 2015

The institute imparts technical and commercial knowledge and skills related to agriculture and agribusiness. The institute’s focus is on helping its students develop agricultural business that last. The institute will offer a certificate programme and a diploma programme.