1. Contact in the Netherlands

Name: Abubakarr Bangura
Title: Managing Director
Address: Eccardstraat 45, 5011 AL Tilburg, The Netherlands

KvK 17248213
Account: NL35 ABNA 0592220044
Btw-nr. NL 236544895B01

2. Ibrahim Jalloh
Business Consultant in The Netherlands

1.1. Contact in Freetown

Binta Jalloh
Bintex Inc Ltd.
8 Dundas Street
Freetown, Sierra Leone
+232 764 000 81

2. Background Information

MD Consultancy was founded in 2009 by Abubakarr Bangura, Sierra Leonean- born and a Dutch national resident in the Netherlands since 1999. Fluent in Dutch, English, and two Sierra Leonean languages, he is a connector and consultant between the two countries. His social entrepreneurship was rewarded in 2002 with the Tilburg Peace Prize.

MD Consultancy manages the Sierra Leone Business Centre which serves start-ups, mature companies, and investors in the Dutch-Sierra Leonean economic sphere through marketing research, partner search, representation, business registration, and business development services in both countries.

MD Consultancy helps clients create new products, new services, new connections, new channels, and new companies in Sierra Leone and the Netherlands.MD Consultancy is a conscious business dedicated to the development of entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations in Sierra Leone in cooperation with Dutch partners.


3.  Mission Statement

MD Consultancy advises and assists governments, companies, and professional and civic networks that wish to create products and services that improve quality of life, and infrastructures that empower and facilitate entrepreneurs—whether young, start-up, migrant, or mature.

Our goal is to assist individuals, families, communities, and businesses create lasting prosperity, the foundation for all the good things in life.

Keywords are: talent, entrepreneurship, empowerment, leadership, international cooperation, adding value, service, integrity, people, planet, profit,


4. Unique selling points

MD Consultancy has a proven track record in empowering and supporting ambitious individuals establish profitable business ventures. MD Consultancy excels at creating public-private partnerships that foster entrepreneurship among youth and/or migrants in the Netherlands and Sierra Leone. We recognize and leverage the enormous business potential of these young entrepreneurs and their diaspora (migrant) networks.

Since its establishment in 2009, MD Consultancy has:

  • initiated and led more than 20 projects centered on migration, development, and entrepreneurship, for governmental, educational and civil-sector clients;
  • supported 20 African start-up businesses in the Netherlands to grow;
  • initiated Tilburg Heroes, a youth talent development program, www.tilburgsehelden.nl
  • established the first Holland-Sierra Leone internship exchange programme;
  • established the Student Entrepreneurship Programme at IAMTECH, Sierra Leone;
  • organized the first Sierra Leone Diaspora Investment Seminar in the Netherlands
  • worked with The Network  University in The Netherlands to established the online entrepreneurship Programme at IAMTECH, Sierra Leone;
  • take part in preparing the first economic trade mission to Sierra Leone

Our methodology blends personal, professional, organizational, and network development; diversity, leadership, and entrepreneurship; social business and sustainability; and the power of diaspora & migration, into effective projects and programs that create new products, new services, new companies, and new connections between companies in Sierra Leone and the Netherlands.

In addition to supporting business start-ups in the Netherlands and an entrepreneurial agricultural college in Lungi, Sierra Leone, we are now expanding our services to include mature companies and investors in both countries. The vehicle for this new service is the Sierra Leone Business Centre, a platform to bring Sierra Leonean, Dutch, and other parties together, and provide matchmaking, representation, marketing, and business development services to those parties.


5. References

MD Consultancy is the trusted partner of:

  •  City of Tilburg, Entrepreneurship Department, the Netherlands
  • University of Amsterdam/The Network University, the Netherlands
  • Institute of Advanced Management and Technology, Sierra Leone
  • Holland Mineral Water Machinery BV, the Netherlands
  • WakaWaka Solar Light Company, the Netherlands/Sierra Leone
  • International Organisation for Migration, the Netherlands
  • Bintex, Sierra Leone
  • Africa Diaspora Policy Centre, the Netherlands
  • Sierra Leone Central Union, the Netherlands
  • OSO Enschede BV, the Netherlands
  • Emprise Projects, the Netherlands/Sierra Leone