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Powered by Sierra Leonean Diaspora in The Netherlands.

The Project

The potential: Africa as the next growth zone

“Development experts predict that economies in Africa will continue to grow at an average of six percent even when the rest of the world is currently facing a slump.” (World Bank, 2011)

Educators and economists maintain that if Africa is going to compete in the global economy, at least 12-15% of the continent’s workforce should have attained tertiary education.

African universities’ infrastructures (buildings, equipment) and the traditional model of classroom delivery are vastly insufficient to serve current and projected demand for tertiary education.

The solution: E-learning boosts student volume

Distance education presents a promising alternative. Entrepreneurship education should certainly be a fundamental pillar of the educational content. For entrepreneurship is the engine to facilitate development of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and represent the main promoter of innovation and employment, as well as social and local integration.

The entrepreneurship e-learning program in a nutshell:

This project will enable participants from Sierra Leone to learn entrepreneurship skills that will develop their business potential through online medium and regular guidance from highly-educated diaspora in The Netherlands. The two-year programme (2013 and 2014) is focused on creating sustainable, profitable businesses in Sierra Leone.


The pilot phase aims at establishing:

  1. An E-learning course on entrepreneurship for 100 business-oriented youths (30 students, 70 young business owners)
  2. A platform of highly-educated and business-oriented diaspora in The Netherlands that possess the experience and the skills to teach entrepreneurship online.
  3. Structural contacts between IAMTECH and The Network University (TNU).
  4. A well-designed online entrepreneurship curriculum scalable to cover also other English-speaking West-African countries.

Market Strategy: multiplier effect

We will use paid, free and own publicity platforms to promote the project, focusing on eqipping intermediaries/providers (educational institutions and business organisations) with skills and materials to facilitate the project in their institution.

Methodology : diaspora trainers, on-line toolboxes, market place

The program provides the participants with three main things: setting up a diaspora team of trainers, a set of toolboxes to develop creative ideas into business, and a market place.

a. Setting up a diaspora team of trainers   Highly educated Sierra Leonean migrants will contribute to an e-learning program with more local content, examples and metaphors from the country of destination.
b. Toolboxes    The program offers on-line tool boxes (inspirational, technical, managerial and problem-solving) as a first line of advice. The second line of advice is the student peer group and local instructors, while the third line of advice is composed of a diaspora team of trainers in The Netherlands offering their fresh perspective.
c. Market place   The project offers participants a unique web platform www.slbc.nl to promote and attract a wide range of investors from countries worldwide. At the same time it is an excellent chance to present their company’s activities to a multitude of web visitors.

Strengths of the program

The program is based on Migration & Development Consultancy’s teaching philosophy and business coaching experience with migrant business owners in The Netherlands.
This e-learning program is the online version of the successful Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP), a business coaching program in The Netherlands, developed by MD Consultancy, and supported by the International Organization of Migration.This course has been prepared in close collaboration with IAMTECH, Freetown.

MD Consultancy will work with The Network University (TNU), a Dutch academic foundation with broad experience in e-learning programs for migrants (The Diaspora University).