Sierra Leone Business Centre an online business agency established in The Netherlands to promote Sierra Leone as Africa’s New Investment Destination. The online platform is  designed to establish a national brand and one-stop shop of information and matchmaking for entrepreneurs and investors seeking commercial opportunities in Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone offers excellent commercial opportunities in the following sectors:

  1. Sustainable Agriculture and Agri -business
  2. Drink water supply and sanitation
  3. Sustainable energy
  4. Port development and logistics
  5. ICT and telecommunications
  6. Waste Management



Dr. Samura - Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Coope...

Highlights of the BACK TO GROWTH Investment Conference, organised by the Dutch government was primarily focussed on attracting potential investors to the three Mano River Union countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia that were mostly affected by the rescinding Ebola virus disease. Here is highlight of a short with Dr.Samura Kamara - Sierra Leone Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation after the conferenceStay tuned for more highlights and indept interviews...

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This video shows you why Sierra Leone is becoming one of the most attractive destinations for investment in Africa.


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